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There are different commercial roach killer products in the market, each with different costs, toxic levels and application methods. Pointing out the best commercial roach killer today is not that easy of a task considering the fact that every person has their preferred method. What we can do, however, is give you a scope of the available roach killers and you can get to try them out and settle on what works best for you.

Roach killer baits

This is one of the most effective roach elimination methods out there and most users are quick to point out its high success rate. Gel baits are very affordable and last up to a year which gives you a good value for your money. And that’s not all. They have very low toxic levels which make them less risky to use around your pets and kids.

You only need to apply just a few dots of the bait on high risk surfaces and watch how fast roaches die. They even take some back to their nests which ultimately kills the surviving ones.

Roach killer sprays

Whenever you need to kill roaches on sight, sprays should be your go-to method. Keep in mind however that they are only effective when you don’t have a high roach infestation in your home because you are only killing one roach at a time as opposed to other killers that do away with entire colonies at once.

When used alongside baits, they deem the baits ineffective. Another flaw is that they can stain your surfaces and other fabrics you spray on.

Roach killer traps

If you do not know the extent of roach infestation in your home or car. You may need to use commercial traps to gauge the levels. They are inexpensive and when placed on different areas of your home, you can determine which areas are more invested depending on how many roaches are caught by the traps.

Roach killer powder

There are commercial roach powders in the market that you can use to eliminate these disgusting creatures for good. If you are worried about the powder spreading to other areas of your home, you can mix it up with a bait, such as condensed milk to form a thick paste that will stay put on ant surface.

Roaches will be attracted by the milk bait and once they ingest the powder, they are dehydrated to death. Some will take the bait back to their nests which ultimately leads the other roaches to their death.

With all these methods, the application is quite easy and you will start seeing results in just a few days. Make sure that you use the products behind your appliances, under sinks, between cracks and crevices and along floorboards.

We recommend going for the products that kill many roaches at once as opposed to those that you kill just one at a go, especially if you are dealing with a high level of infestation. For more information please visit https://roachexpert.com

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Additionally, always strive to keep your house and car clean and free of grease and clutter to avoid the risk of attracting roaches back after the elimination.